Tips On Maintaining A Healthy Set Of Teeth

Who wouldn’t want healthy and attractive oral cavity? But that sure does take a lot of work to achieve and maintain. But it is an effort definitely worth making. With the amount of junk food and other Knick knacks available around it truly is hard and takes a lot of courage to control what you eat. Because everything just seems ever so tempting especially when you aren’t allowed and aren’t supposed to be eating them. But alas we cannot control our temptations right away, but little by little with some hard work you might be able to make it. So here are a few tips on how you could maintain good oral health;


Brushing at least twice a day shall help remove any food debris that remains in your mouth once you’ve had your meals. It is also advised to brush after every meal as well. But let’s be real, not everyone has the time to do it and neither are they that committed to doing it. So at least brushing twice a day shall suffice. You could use fluoride containing toothpaste that shall also help in teeth whitening when brushing.


With the use of dental floss, floss your teeth. This too similar with brushing shall help remove any remaining food particles. The reason for this is that when there is remaining food particles in your mouth it reduces the level of saliva inside the mouth and saliva acts as a counteract that reduces tooth decay.

Limit acids and sugar

Limit the intake of acid and carbonated sodas and sugar. Limiting on the level of candy you eat, the junk fast food you stuff yourself with, certainly shall help. As these shall only lead to the decay of teeth and gums.

No smoking

Smoking shall not only result in complications in the lungs and other internal organs but it shall also lead to yellowish and stained teeth. Alcohol too has similar effects on your oral hygiene. So trying to minimize the intake at the beginning and eventually giving up on it all at once shall not only help your teeth but also your overall health.

Healthy diet

As the saying goes, you are what you eat, so taking in a healthy and balanced diet shall not only help improve your overall health but also help maintain a healthy oral cavity. Adding certain vegetables, fruits and greens that helps enhance your chances in achieving whiter and healthier teeth and avoiding foods and beverages that contribute to the opposite are some tips that fall under this.

Check ups

Have regular checkups with your dentist in Ballarat and make sure to maintain your oral health. This too shall contribute to achieve your overall cause.Take the right food and meet the right doctor and in turn achieve your ultimate goal of whiter and healthier oral hygiene!