Teeth Diseases And Methods To Get Rid Of Them


No matter how old we are, we all go through teeth related issues since the first day of our life. It takes a lot of time and care to maintain a healthy set of teeth. Even if one gives all the effort and ensures to maintain a healthy set of teeth, some diseases cannot be prevented from affecting us. Therefore, it is at least better to be aware of such teeth diseases.

Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a very common dental issue. This is an issue that many go through at present due to worn fillings, Gum diseases, Tooth decaying or due to a cavity, worn teeth enamel, or due to some tooth roots being exposed. The sign of this is teeth disease is that, severe pain or discomfort when you consume food or liquids which are hot or cold. Trusted dentists recommend using a mild toothpaste for this issue. And also maintaining good oral habits is necessary to get rid of teeth sensitivity.

Teeth decaying

Teeth decaying or missing teeth is a common dental issue seen in adults aged between 18- 60’s. Some would have a missing teeth or a gap between teeth since birth. This would cause issue when talking or pronouncing certain words, making communication difficult to that person. With elderly people the reason would be with aging, their enamels weaken, and this makes it difficult to hold the teeth strongly in one place. The weak enamels would cause your teeth to wobble and would eventually fall off. However, this issues can be fixed at present with the help of an orthodontist in Red Beach. They can help you to fix your issues by using dentures or even by using an artificial tooth which would look more like a natural tooth.

Drying of mouth

Our mouth can get dried occasionally. This is due to lack of intake of the amount of water which is necessary for our body. Our body needs to be moisturised as much as our skin. The only solution for this is consumption of more water. However, if you are a person who goes through constant mouth drying, then you might need the help of a doctor. This may not be a serious issue, but neglecting treatment may lead to other teeth and mouth diseases.

Disease related to the gums

Gum diseases are serious. If they are not treated and cared from the earliest stage it may lead to other serious destructive diseases. The first stage of a gum disease is called as gingivitis. And the last stage which is incurable is known as periodontitis. This is the reason why one should always maintain good oral hygiene. Thereby, Brush twice a day, consume a balanced diet, and visit with your dentist at least once a month.