Maintaining Results After Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Now that you have that a great smile with perfect white teeth– you will want to preserve it and make it last longer. This dental treatment has become popular worldwide and in Australia too, where you will find several reputable clinics in Melbourne and Victoria. While results will vary for each person depending on their age, lifestyle or health – whitening results will not be permanent. However, if you maintain the results at home by being aware of what you are consuming and using the after-care products or trays, the effects will last better.

Follow Your Dentist’s Advice

Listen to what your dentist has to say when it comes to after-care, food consumption and proper dental care. Before you get a whitening procedure done, most dentists will brief you on the techniques, materials and system that will be used. During and right after the whitening process it is common to feel some gum and tooth sensitivity that will pass after while – some whitening systems will involve a desensitiser being used. You might be recommended to use toothpaste that is made for sensitive teeth if necessary.

Types Of Drinks To Avoid

Generally right after a teeth whitening treatment you will be advised to avoid fizzy and caffeinated drinks or dark-coloured wines as they stain the teeth with caffeine or artificial colour. This also includes avoiding drinks that are acidic or citrus based as your teeth will feel much more sensitive and stain easily as the teeth are more porous after and during treatment. Even after completing the treatment, it is better to reduce the intake of these types of drinks to make the results last longer.

The Food Items and Habits To Avoid

Each dental clinic or anywhere in Victoria will perform whitening procedures using popular whitening systems – and the prices will vary as well depending on the clinic. However, regardless of the system that is used, patients will be advised to avoid acidic or citrus based foods including foods that stain – especially right after treatments since the tooth sensitivity and porosity is high. Smoking should be avoided too, as nicotine stains the teeth, and should ideally be reduced after the treatment.

Maintain Proper Regular Dental Hygiene

Maintaining good dental hygiene is important for your regular health and well-being too. Good oral hygiene will include proper brushing at least twice a day – and avoiding over brushing as it can wear down the enamel. Don’t forget to make flossing a regular part of your daily routine which should be done every day – you will also prevent gum disease as well.