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What Are Sickness Bags And How Useful Are They?

Motion sickness has most likely been a common experience for even the best of us while travelling in a car or bus or even flight. Be it that you are an on-board passenger in the flight or travelling on a cruise, feeling nauseatic is not a rare experience. People suffering from morning sickness or motion sickness mostly carry their own bags while travelling. However, there are various types of bags and covers in the marketplace which are alternative options you could try. Bags, previously created out of waxed paper or card, have mostly been replaced by plastic bags.

What is motion sickness?

Motion sickness or kinetosis is a health condition characterized by dizzy feeling, fatigue and nausea. In a situation where this motion remains unresolved, the sufferer usually vomits. The worst part in vomiting is it does not stop unless the underlying cause of it stops. This leaves the person all the more tired and weak. Finding bags, wrappers or containers to help store vomit in such situations is not at all a problem. These bags are easily accessible with a vast range of retailers distributing vomit bags and sickness containers throughout the cities. Technological advances in cars and aeroplanes have enriched the traveller experience and comfort reducing the frequencies of air – sicknesses; however, there is still a prominent need for such bags.

Causes of motion sickness

Sickness bags are known in the market by various names, such as sick sacks, disposable emesis bags and so on. These are typically small bags to contain vomit, or even blood which is a most likely event in motion sickness. Bags of such sort often come with instruction manuals and informative labelling. Motion sickness can originate while travelling in the air, travelling through the long stretch of twisted roads uphill in a car or even while on a boat or a ship crossing the ocean.

It could also originate from rotating devices, also known as centrifuges, while during an astronaut training or playing with the various amusement rides in a park. Often spinning and then abruptly stopping, especially if you are into athletics can cause dizziness where your visual mechanism no longer detects motion while the internal fluid in your ear suffers from the sense of continued motion.


While sickness bags are primarily intended towards collection of vomit, there are several other alternative uses. While these can serve as general purpose waste containers in public places or your home, such bags often find use in airline food packaging units or even you could find them as an envelope containing a magazine below your seat in the aero plane.